Job Seekers

Work Opportunities helps people with disabilities find real jobs in the community. We can assist you if you have been referred by a government agency, or you can approach us directly. Our specialists will be happy to help, and there is no charge for our service.

You can expect


Our specialists work with you one-on-one, and you can be assured your work with us will remain confidential.

A Customised Employment Plan

We will develop with you a plan for employment that takes into account your skills and job choices.

Mainstream Employment

We will assist you to secure and maintain real work for real pay.

Assistance Settling in to Work

We want you to succeed. We will help you settle into your new workplace and ensure you understand the tasks required of you.

Ongoing Support in Employment

There is no time limit for our services. We will help you address any issues with your employment that may crop up and help you with any changes in your job description.

Regular Review of your Career Goals

We will help you plan the next steps towards your ideal employment outcomes.

Service Eligibility Criteria

Work Opportunities services are specifically designed for those people with disability who:

  • Have never experienced paid employment
  • Have very interrupted work histories
  • May require intensive and ongoing support in order to stay in employment
  • Have evidence of eligibility

In order to be eligible to receive a service consumers must:

  • Be aged between 18 and 65 years
  • Have a disability that is likely to continue for at least six months
  • Have realistic job choices
  • Have a medical clearance for mainstream employment (part-time or full time)
  • Agree to work cooperatively with Work Opportunities to secure appropriate mainstream employment

Work Opportunities is unable to provide an immediate service to consumers who:

  • Are currently receiving ACC compensation
  • Are currently studying full-time
  • Are currently in hospital